Our Story

Welcome to https://zeeba.co.zw/, your main hotspot for everything Zimbabwean : ). We’re committed to giving you the absolute best of Zim contact, with an attention on addressing questions you have, giving free structures, and obviously giving fascinating Zim stunts. 

Established in 2020 by Zibanani Nkomo, Zeeba has made some amazing
progress from its beginnings in Bulawayo. At the point when Zibanani originally
began, his enthusiasm for serving the Zimbabweans drove him to do huge loads of
examination so Zeeba can offer you the ached for assets we Zimbabweans need. We
currently serve clients everywhere on the nation, the world, and are excited
that we’re ready to transform our enthusiasm into our site.

We trust you create the foremost of our items the maximum amount as we appreciate offering them to you. In the event that you simply have any inquiries or remarks, kindly don’t spare a flash to urge in-tuned with us. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Zeeba is writing and providing answers Zimbabweans need, with trust, care, and sympathy.


Our business is this - keeping our customers satisfied by writing meaningful content. With that said we are more than willing to improve where we can and thus to say your feedback will go a ling way.


We are looking forward to serving ALL. Reaching out to others through networks help us do that and keeps smiles on our faces. That said, feel free to share the website link with those that need what we offer.


At the moment we do not sell ANYTHING so feel free to move around the house (website) and enjoy that which we offer. We hope you be able to utilize the opportunity to its maximum. Cheers!

Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned before, our primary focus is keeping our customers satisfied. So like any satisfied customer, we would be happy to hear from you. The other end applies as well, should you feel there is something we can improve on, don't hesitate to talk to us.

Meet Our Team

The Following is our current Force alongside roles at Zeeba
Great people they are 😉

Have Any Questions?

We are here for those. Be sure to clear in the questions you provide us with. 

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