How To Buy Netone Bundles Without Breaking a Sweat.

how to buy netone bundles

We live in a world where using the internet has become the norm. In as much as everything is being digitalized, the internet is having its fair share in terms of growth. The telecom companies are pushing so we have a good time riding along. If you are using Netone, here is all you need to know in the question of – how to buy netone bundles. 

Please note that we are here for the bundles, if you wish to read just about recharging, click here.

To buy data bundles, the process is as simple as dialing *171#, *400#, or *111#

After that, you select one option from the options provided in the prompt. 

Now the question is, which data bundles do you wish to buy. From social media to oneFusion, netone has you covered. 

What is OneFusion?

OneFusion is another fancy way to say data bundles – a term only used by netone at the moment. 

How to confirm the data bundles that you have bought

This can be done by checking your netone balance through either dialing *134#, *400#, or *111#

Please note that most of the time you won’t have to check your balance because as soon as you make the purchase, netone will send you a message confirming the purchase. 

In addition, you will at most times need to have enough airtime to buy your data bundles. Well, you probably knew this but airtime is the currency of mobiles and all online activities in Zim.

 How To Buy Netone Bundles Using EcoCash

To buy netone bundles using EcoCash,  you will first need to buy netone airtime using EcoCash. 

After that, you can then purchase your data bundles using the above-mentioned methods. 

Please note that for one to be able to buy data bundles, they must fit in the terms and conditions offered by Netone as a company.

How To Buy Netone Bundles Without Breaking a Sweat.

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