How to Transfer Econet Airtime to Another Econet User

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Econet has been in the game for long now and in Zimbabwe, the company has the majority of users compared to others in the same genre. Now the question on – how to transfer Econet airtime – still has its stand in our minds.

I mean, if we are using the network, we might as well know everything about it, or at least try right! 

Some time back, we wrote an article related on how to buy Econet airtime. Our focus today is: how to transfer airtime on the Econet network. 

Let’s start with the obvious, should you wish to transfer airtime to another phone, that phone and yours should be using the same network – Econet (in this case).

How to Transfer Econet Airtime Using USSD

The process is as simple as dialing *111#  then follow the steps provided in the prompts for you to send airtime to another Econet network-using device. 

For the purposes of assurance that what you are doing is correct and familiarisation, we will write down the steps for references. Perfection is the new normal.

Step 1 
  • Dial *111#

One of two things will happen after dialing the above USSD, either you will be given a prompt with options in the self-care or you will be asked to register for Econet self-care. 

But wait, what is this Econet self-care? 

Well, as you would probably guess, this is a platform to take care of yourself as far as Econet and EcoCash is concerned. 

To cut the long story short, if you have already registered, you will get the prompt with options and if you haven’t, you will be asked to do so. 

So now what? Actually, wait a sec – do you mean to say if im trying to use this method to send airtime and im the sender, i need to be registered in the self-care platform? 

YES, yes you do need to be registered. 

Step 2 
  • This is me assuming you followed the simple steps to register if you hadn’t. The next step now is to select the option to “transfer airtime”.
Step 3 
  • Enter destination number 
Step 4 
  • Enter the amount of airtime you wish to transfer then confirm 

Transfering Airtime Using Yomix

Yomix is an application that can be downloaded from the apple store or the play store. It is designed mainly for Econet users. 

To transfer Econet airtime using yomix, 

  • Download the application for android or iOS.
  • Register for yomix
  • Then, open the application
  • Navigate to services
  • Click on “share Airtime”
  • Select the contact or enter in destination number.
  • Select amount then hit transfer.

Hooray! Now you have this by the side. Let us know which method you prefer to use. Cheers!

How to Transfer Econet Airtime to Another Econet User

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