How To Transfer Netone Airtime To Another Line

How To Transfer Netone Airtime

The how to transfer netone airtime question is one the minds of most people. I mean, what happens if I’m buying airtime and accidentally send it to the wrong number? 

Or better yet, what if I have plenty of airtime that I decide to share with my friends and loved ones? 

Is all hope lost? No! Netone allows you to transfer airtime in the same network. 

Now you may ask “Clyve, what do you mean in the same network?” 

This means that should you wish to transfer airtime to another phone and you are using netone, you can only send it to another netone number. I’m sure soon we will be doing cross-network transferring – that would be cool right?

If you are an Econet user, here is how you transfer airtime from Econet to the Econet network

Transferring Netone Airtime To Another Netone Number 

The process is simple and takes no time at all, use the following steps:

  • Dial *171# 
  • You will be given options with number indexes, select 8 – Services 
  • After that, select the second option – Credit Transfer
  • Then Enter the netone number you wish to transfer airtime to.
  • Enter the amount of airtime you wish to transfer (ignore the message if it confuses you and simply enter the amount you want to transfer)
  • Hit confirm and voila you have transferred the airtime 

Now it goes without saying that if you need to give you must first have. Simple translation, buy your netone airtime before you are able to transfer it to someone else.

What We Wish Netone Can Do For Us Pertaining This Subject 

It would be nice if the company (Netone that is) could collaborate with other big companies like Econet and Telecel so that life is easier for us users when we want to send airtime to others. 

How To Transfer Netone Airtime To Another Line

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