Netone APN Settings For Your iPhone or Android!

netone apn settings

Whether you just got your new phone or you are simply canging line (sim card) from something else to netone, this article is for you. Here is everything you need to know about Netone APN settings. 

If you wondering what would happen if you dont put any APN’s on your phone, well, no internet for you my friend and yes no social media. 

To begin with, lets talk about what APN stands for. 

APN stands for Access Point Name. 

Now that we have that out of the way, when we talk about netone APN settings, we refere to the access points name for netone and how to set it up. 

Lets keep in mind that phones differ and have different settings, for that reason we are going to be mainly looking at Android and iOS. 

Netone APN Settings For Android and iOS 

To change or input APN settings on your android or iOS smartphone, you first need to have a working netone sim card your your phone then you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to general settings. (you can search for settings if you having dificult time finding it)
  • Then, on the top panel, select “more”. 
  • Click on mobile network ( Cellular network on iOS)
  • Then, select Access Point Names (APN’s)
  • After that, click “add” (sometimes there is jus the plus sign that you can click on)

After these steps, you will get a screen and on top written “Edit access point”.

There are three things to keep in mind from this point:

  1. You will only change “Name” and “APN”
  2. Save your work –  there are three dots on the top right coner that you click on then hit save.
  3. Click on the hollow button so its ready for use. (see image bellow)
netone apn settings

Lets go back to the “Edit access point” panel. 

Click on “Name” then you will get a prompt for you to put the name of the APN – write Netone

After that, click on “APN” and you will get a prompt for the apn – put in internet.netone

Thats it! Your netone APN settings are all set. 

Well done! You good to go, now go ahead and learn about how you buy netone bundles and you are ready to surf the internet. 

For more information visit the netone wesite.

Netone APN Settings For Your iPhone or Android!

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