Telecel Customer Care At Your Service

telecel customer care

From the day a Human being is born, we all need some love in our lives and throughout till we bid farewell. Could the same thing be true with companies? Could we possibly need any Telecel customer care?

Well, the easy answer to that is yes, yes we need all the love and care from these companies so we stay with them. 

Imagine you just joined a club and you don’t know much about it. What will keep you in that club – being interesting set-aside – is how friendly those that are already in the system are. 

In addition, you will be intrigued to learn more about the club and probably feel less pressure sharing ideas. 

Telecel is also that welcoming. The company has a force of team set just so you can smile at the ease of using their services. 

The most common problem faced by phone users is its usability. How does this work? Why is my line (sim card) giving me these problems? etc 

Now the question is, who do you ask? 

Lucky for the both of us, Telecel has ways to contact them so they can help us. 

Telecel Customer Care Contact Numbers 

If you are using Telecel (prepaid or contract), simply call (Toll-Free) 150 and help will be on its way. 

You can also contact them via cellphone or landline (with charge): +263 733 150 150 

Did I mention they have an email address too:

What Times Are They Available?

Now, this is a good question, you wouldn’t want to waste your time, would you?

Telecel is ready to assist you in any way from 8 am to midnight on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm during weekends and holidays. 

Say your problem is big and or the calls are not working, you can visit their head office in Harare, Seke Road and they will provide you with the assistance you need. 

Need more information? Visit the Telecel customer care website and learn more. 

Telecel Customer Care At Your Service

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