How to transfer Econet data bundles a rant from a frustrated user

A lot of people are searching on how to transfer econet data bundles from one econet user to another. Which means that’s a feature that a lot of people require.

You had think of course the “big brains” behind the Zimbabwe’s biggest telecommunications have made it possible. Just like transferring airtime from one econet number to another.

Unfortunately not. At the moment you can not transfer data from one econet number to another.

This is another annoyance I added to my list of things econet should immediately make available. Yes its not econet alone. Even on the other networks its the same story. You cannot transfer data from one line to another.

Case in Point

I bought 50Gig of data which expires in a month. Due to poor network speed econet again and less data usage than normal this month I had more than 10 GB left. Logical I thought lemme share the data with my friends since its already expiring.

Tethering was an option but I wanted something more flexible since I had a lot of the data.

After searching online and drawing blanks. I asked econet support on twitter to be told its not possible to transfer data like how you do with airtime.

A whole 10 GB expired.

How does data even expire I also wonder. Anyhow I don’t think I would get an answer to that question since am nobody.

In such cases in an ideal world there would be a regulatory authority to make sure the little guy is treated fairly. In this case that would be POTRAZ.


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe is supposed to make sure we are not given a raw deal by service providers. Unfortunately there don’t do much. I actually do not even know what exactly they do.

You had expect them to do like for example ICASA our neighbouring country’s regulatory authority, they fixed the same issue am hear ranting about here.

You can transfer data from one sim to another even across networks in South Africa

From a general little survey I did very few people know they exist let alone what it does.

All we ask is decent service

How to transfer Econet data bundles a rant from a frustrated user

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  1. I mistakenly paid for my Private WiFi instead of paying for another person. How do I rectify this since I already have data on my phone from previous payment?
    Help please.

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